On big changes and life decisions.

Published on September 2, 2014, by in Rant.

After so many months I managed to update the galleries here.

Big changes in my life along with too much work wouldn’t let me update, so now, after a hectic and great summer I am back to remove the cobwebs and show you new stuff.

I will keep this place updated as I said and you can also follow me on my Facebook page ( ) for more frequent art posts.

Thanks for reading and keep an eye here. :-)


…on acrylics and canvases.

Published on February 17, 2014, by in Finished art, Rant.

2014 has come and it’s been acrylics’ months! I have done two framed canvases so far with a third one waiting to be started.

Here are the two finished pieces:


The first is called “Acolyte of the Carrot” and the second “Medusa”. They are just a bit larger than A4 size and up for grabs. I will actually put them up for sale in my Etsy store so keep an eye out for them.

Also, here is a stage by stage process on painting the “Medusa” on my Facebook page. Come and have a look! :-)

Thanks for looking Happy Painting!


Speedpainting and red bubbles

So, my absolutely favourite facebook group is found!
It is called Daily Spitpainting and the amount of inspiring and plainly awesome imagery that gets posted there is staggering! It is a speedpainting community with daily subjects (usually 4-5) that will swarm your timeline with beauty and will have you speedpainting your free minutes away!
Here are some of my goes.


Other than that, life is busy, and I also have added some new stuff in my shop go and have a look! Please… ;)


Three sketches and the Weaver

Long time no post! I have been quite busy those couple of months and also have had some beautiful personal stuff happen that I will disclose on a later date. ;)
So, I have been mostly sketching with the occasional digital painting to stir things up.
This one is the Weaver. I’m really trying to learn control and only put the absolute necessary brush strokes and only the minimum possible number -and spread- of highlights. Also, I’m trying to leave the clothes as vague and silhouetted as possible. This way the viewer’s eye will find the focal points -here the head and hands- without delaying on secondary elements but also without those elements disturb the eye as something out of place.



And because sketching is the real reason that many of us have taken this uphill (but oh so rewarding) road, here are a few late ones.

Thanks for reading!





Of sketches and fun

Summer is almost over but the heatwave around here is holding on. So, personal elaborate paintings are way too hard to do. Instead I’m practicing my sketching into a simpler, more expressing look. At the same time I study gestures and faces, clothing and headgear, and other referenced stuff for my -always on development- graphic novel script.


My main influences are Hugo Pratt, Jordi Bernet, Carlos Ezquerra, Brett Weldele, Glenn Fabry and Steve Dillon among a myriad others. Most of those were my “comic book godfathers” of my youth. I owe them most of my constant fascination with comic books. So, my story will have influences from all of them visually and mainly from Pratt storywise.


One of the reasons that I try for a looser, simplified look -apart from the obvious which is to “read” easy- is because, as a side project, I do it to have fun! Let’s say it again: Fun!
Let me clarify. I love my job. I consider every project a pleasant way to earn money no matter the challenge. But I don’t consider every single one of them fun. Thus, a side project on which I will have my fun creating a story I would love to read myself with art just the way I enjoy it.
I have no idea when it will be done but keep an eye out. ;-)

Ok, shameless plug follows!
I made myself a fan page on Facebook so I may give more people a piece of my mind, so if you be so kind please do click on the icon bellow to Like it. Thanks!




August should be for resting!

Published on August 15, 2013, by in Finished art.

As the title says, it SHOULD be for resting but this one has found me way too busy. So I will post some personal, quick paintings and wait for Autumn to rest maybe. ;-)

The first one is a fan picture of the Shadow (who knows what .. etc.. ;-) ). I have always been a fan of dark brooding superheroes and the Shadow is way up there on the list -right below the Batman, sorry! I also really like the fact that he masquerades as a long nosed guy with a wide brim hat!


 Next is an almost traditional depiction of an undead monster as one may encounter it on an RPG or other fantasy game/fiction/movie/etc. I really love this kind of portraits, just the subject in front of a vague, shadowy background. I may revisit this at some point even though it was meant only as a wind-down piece after work.


And last but not least, the ape man himself. Anyone who has grown up with Johnny Weissmuller’s Tarzan probably has a soft spot for this character. I only read the first book last year and although it was good I am more marked by his celluloid depiction.
Here I wanted to get away a bit from the traditional action poses so here he is, resting (must be August in the jungle) and looking quite amused by something. Ok, he also has the knife ready but you can’t judge one’s paranoia even if he was raised by intelligent monkeys!

Have a great rest of August! :-)


Morning warm up from memory

Published on July 24, 2013, by in Sketches.



Yesterday’s warm up took shape after I decided on the colours that I wanted. Vibrant warms and cold darks for contrast on the main form with bright hair and dull ground to balance the eye.

The anatomy is quite loose since it is wholly from memory and, again, I didn’t pay much attention to it since I was going for the gesture of the body and the movement of the hair.

I used only the Hard Bristle Oils tool -from the amazing Photoshop pack by Sam Nielson. (Click here to download it from his blog)- and a single texture overlay after it was done.


The fanatic

Published on July 18, 2013, by in Sketches.


Half an hour sketch as work break to loosen up my mind.
Those kind of sketches are where the real inspiration is in my humble opinion. I don’t concern myself with backgrounds, composition or any of those things that need planning and I concentrate on the character. Meanwhile, as the sketch progresses the  character’s story unfolds as I add small details that define the person.
In a future, full fledged picture, I won’t have to think anything but the composition of his story around him. :-)


A new coat of paint!

Published on July 16, 2013, by in Rant.

Took about 4 years to turn this here corner of the web into a descent website but, look! It’s done!

There is everything here. Galleries of past works, links of publications I took part in, a biography of yours truly, offers for RPG gamers and -for the really adventurous types- ways to contact me! :-P

I will also be posting daily sketches, tutorials of my process, interesting and inspirational things found on-line and, sometimes, presentations of fellow artists that I admire or envy their skills.. Well.. Admire mainly.. Well.. ;-)

So, keep coming back, this place will be alive from now on!

Enjoy your stay and thanks for visiting!