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August should be for resting!

Published on August 15, 2013, by in Finished art.

As the title says, it SHOULD be for resting but this one has found me way too busy. So I will post some personal, quick paintings and wait for Autumn to rest maybe. ;-)

The first one is a fan picture of the Shadow (who knows what .. etc.. ;-) ). I have always been a fan of dark brooding superheroes and the Shadow is way up there on the list -right below the Batman, sorry! I also really like the fact that he masquerades as a long nosed guy with a wide brim hat!


 Next is an almost traditional depiction of an undead monster as one may encounter it on an RPG or other fantasy game/fiction/movie/etc. I really love this kind of portraits, just the subject in front of a vague, shadowy background. I may revisit this at some point even though it was meant only as a wind-down piece after work.


And last but not least, the ape man himself. Anyone who has grown up with Johnny Weissmuller’s Tarzan probably has a soft spot for this character. I only read the first book last year and although it was good I am more marked by his celluloid depiction.
Here I wanted to get away a bit from the traditional action poses so here he is, resting (must be August in the jungle) and looking quite amused by something. Ok, he also has the knife ready but you can’t judge one’s paranoia even if he was raised by intelligent monkeys!

Have a great rest of August! :-)

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