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Of sketches and fun

Summer is almost over but the heatwave around here is holding on. So, personal elaborate paintings are way too hard to do. Instead I’m practicing my sketching into a simpler, more expressing look. At the same time I study gestures and faces, clothing and headgear, and other referenced stuff for my -always on development- graphic novel script.


My main influences are Hugo Pratt, Jordi Bernet, Carlos Ezquerra, Brett Weldele, Glenn Fabry and Steve Dillon among a myriad others. Most of those were my “comic book godfathers” of my youth. I owe them most of my constant fascination with comic books. So, my story will have influences from all of them visually and mainly from Pratt storywise.


One of the reasons that I try for a looser, simplified look -apart from the obvious which is to “read” easy- is because, as a side project, I do it to have fun! Let’s say it again: Fun!
Let me clarify. I love my job. I consider every project a pleasant way to earn money no matter the challenge. But I don’t consider every single one of them fun. Thus, a side project on which I will have my fun creating a story I would love to read myself with art just the way I enjoy it.
I have no idea when it will be done but keep an eye out. ;-)

Ok, shameless plug follows!
I made myself a fan page on Facebook so I may give more people a piece of my mind, so if you be so kind please do click on the icon bellow to Like it. Thanks!



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