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Three sketches and the Weaver

Long time no post! I have been quite busy those couple of months and also have had some beautiful personal stuff happen that I will disclose on a later date. ;)
So, I have been mostly sketching with the occasional digital painting to stir things up.
This one is the Weaver. I’m really trying to learn control and only put the absolute necessary brush strokes and only the minimum possible number -and spread- of highlights. Also, I’m trying to leave the clothes as vague and silhouetted as possible. This way the viewer’s eye will find the focal points -here the head and hands- without delaying on secondary elements but also without those elements disturb the eye as something out of place.



And because sketching is the real reason that many of us have taken this uphill (but oh so rewarding) road, here are a few late ones.

Thanks for reading!




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