RPG Character commissions

One of my all time passions remain the pen and paper Role Playing Games.

Of course I can paint your character however you ask, be it in a forest, on a roof, in battle, sneaking about, casting mighty spells or riding on the back of a dragon! However you ask me to I will paint it.

Still, wanting to give back to the community for all those countless hours of fun and thrill I have an ongoing offer for p’n'p gamers everywhere!

I will paint your Player Character, in greyscale, in a simple stance, without background for just $25 in 24 hours from ordering!

Just send me your description and I will get to it, then I will send you a small, watermarked jpg of the painting and if you approve you will pay me through Paypal and I will send you the full resolution (A4, 300dpi) TIF file.

Some examples of such commissions:

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